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      Sports Recovery IV Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

      Sports Recovery Center Beverly Hills

      Athletic injuries can be devastating if you normally live an active and healthy lifestyle. Along with the emotional effects, it can be difficult to take care of your body and get back to your regular regimen. Our Recovery blend is designed to increase your body’s healing ability and ensure you have everything you need to recover successfully.

      What’s in the Recovery Blend?

      Our Recovery blend contains:

      • A signature mineral blend designed to reverse dehydration symptoms and restore lost vitamins.
      • B Complex, a blend of B Vitamins to support skin and blood cell health as well as improve nutrient conversion.
      • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), an antioxidant that aims to protect cells from free radical damage, increase iron absorption, generate new collagen, and boost immunity.
      • An amino blend, designed to improve athletic performance, prevent muscle loss, improve metabolic fat loss, and improve overall metabolism.

      What are the Benefits?

      Our Recovery blend therapy includes six treatment sessions over your recovery period to ensure your body can promote wellness and healing from within. Along with keeping your body healthy, this therapy can reduce inflammation and recovery time as well as enhance athletic performance when you get back to your fitness regimen.

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      IV therapy is a great accompaniment to your medical treatment plan to help you recover quickly and ensure your body get back to its optimum shape. To get started, contact our Beverly Hills office by calling (213) 516-6615 or filling out our online form.

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