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      PMS Relief IV Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

      PMS Relief Beverly Hills

      The menstrual cycle and its associated symptoms can be debilitating for many women. Pain, bloating, and emotional instability can be common accompaniments to periods, making it difficult to focus on the things important to you. Our Relief blend can help manage symptoms and promote wellness so period symptoms don’t get in the way of your everyday schedule.

      What’s in the Relief Blend?

      Our Relief blend contains:

      • Calcium chloride, a form of calcium designed to promote bone health and the function of muscles, nerves, and cells.
      • Magnesium chloride, a form of magnesium that can improve immunity, promote circulation, reduce the risk of headaches and migraines, and improve relaxation.
      • B Complex, a blend of B vitamins that can promote skin and blood cell function as well as nutrient conversion.
      • Hydroxocobalamin B12, a form of Vitamin B that can restore B12 levels and promote function of the brain, blood, cells, and nerves.

      What are the Benefits?

      Our Relief blend therapy can be an excellent way to reduce symptoms of PMS and normal menstrual pain. This includes bloating, abdominal discomfort, and lower back pain. Additionally, it can help reduce irritability and risks of menstrual migraines. This makes it a great way to ensure you remain at your best despite menstrual symptoms that interfere with your daily life.

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